Very best wishes for 2021 to all SpArC supporters and users
We hope that this will be the start of a return to normal life again and Welcome Back!

SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL are delighted that our sites will reopen for indoor activities (excluding classes) on Monday 12th April 2021 (subject to additional Government guidance)

We have received an interim payment of £219, for the first 5 months of our year’s income from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund. However, they tell us that £1,462.85 has been unclaimed as many co-op members still haven’t chosen a cause to support. You can sign up to become a Co-op Member by visiting coop.co.uk/membership or downloading the Co-op App atcoop.co.uk/coop-app.
You can then select us as your cause, by clicking on this link:
You can also call the Membership Support Centre on 0800 0686 727 to become a Member and select a cause. Every time a member buys selected Co-op own brand products anywhere in the UK, 1p of every pound they spend is allocated to a local cause.
If this is your first choice of the year, even though late, you will receive the full total raised through your shopping since November 2020. The important thing is to swipe your membership card. Our aim is to use this money to buy water play equipment to boost children’s water confidence and increase parents’ social confidence; both of which have been dented by Covid restrictions.