Below are listed some of the questions we have been asked about “Save the SpArC campaign. We have provided answers to those questions which we hope will help you. If you have any other questions or comments,  please use the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.

Q. Do I have to donate online?
A. No. Just take or post either to Enterprise House, Station Road, B.C., SY9 5AQ. Or to the front desk at the SpArC centre on Brampton Bryan Rd.
We are in the process of creating an online donation facility but this is not in operation yet.

Q. Who do I make cheques payable to?
A. Save the SpArC – If you are a tax payer, please let us know so we can claim gift aid on your donation.


Q. What is gift-aid?
A. If you are a tax-payer, we can claim 25% more than you donate, through gift-aid.

Q. Why can’t SpArC run itself profitably?
A. Rural sports/ eisure centres with pools all receive some form of subsidy; the population is not high enough for users to cover all costs.

Q. How do we get more people into SpArC?
A. By promoting and supporting its activities. Latest figures show that SpArC usage is holding up well and even increasing, whilst that of others in the area appears to be declining.

Q. What happens to donated money if the pool does have to close?
A. We will aim to roll it over to the rest of the centre. It will be easier to reduce its running costs as they are lower than those of the pool.

Q. Why is so much needed for the swimming pool area?
A. It is a contribution to the capital cost of dramatically improving insulation, in order to reduce running costs, and of upgrading changing facilities to increase usage. If we get it, we will also use it to match-fund other sources of income.

Q. Why do you need a further £200,000?
A. While the pool is the most expensive facility, we need to reduce running costs for the whole building. This will include upgraded insulation and roofing, an enclosed entrance, independent local heating controls and LED lighting, in order to make SpArC more  financially and environmentally sustainable.

Q. What happens if this money is not raised?
A. By designating the SpArC Leisure Centre as one of only two ‘Rural Hubs’ in the county, Shropshire Council has made it clear that at least some funding will now continue for another three years but after that, if that situation does not change, the pool will close, but there is a good chance that we could still save the “dry side”.