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More Than a SpArC of Life!

How did it go? The Centre reopened on the 24th August following an incredible amount of hard work from site staff and leisure officers, with access to the fitness suite, exercise classes and the pool.
Peter Davis of Shropshire Council reported that “we have all been learning to adapt to the new procedures; praise to the staff but we also appreciate the response by users who have been extremely patient and helpful. The majority of people returning appear to have been comfortable with the approach taken by the Council and felt completely safe. In addition, current members and those whose membership lapsed while the Centre was closed, have nothing to pay until October 1.” Comments include:

  • Just had a brilliant first exercise session back... It was clean, organised, clear and I felt ‘COVID safe’. Thank you team Sparc! Great to be back.
  • Today was a joy to swim again, the organisation is fabulous and clearly shows that staff have thought very carefully about making it as safe as possible. As changing rooms are not available the poolside arrangement of your belongings allowed a quick dry down with your towel…. it worked well for me.
  • Pilates was super; the sports hall was far better than I expected, the spacing works really well
  • We’ve just had our first gym session since lockdown and wanted to say how well organised it all was and how helpful the staff. Welcome back!

The Council are now considering ‘phase 2’ of reopening, looking at how they can reintroduce family swimming, swimming lessons, use of the MUGA and squash courts, and extending the number of activities available.  All of these activities are important to the Centre and the Community and further information will be available soon.
Please go to the Trustee’s page and give your comments, good or bad to the trustee of your choice!

Is still closed, but there has been exciting news:

  • Firstly, the ventilation survey shows that we can safely have bigger audiences than we expected.
  • Secondly, the theatre has gained a £5,000 grant from Shropshire Council to bring a programme of new performance, activities and workshops to the Pocket Park in 2021.
    We hope the theatre will be able to commence a programme of events, including a Live outdoor Puppet Theatre, once the new (maximum 6) law is clarified on Monday.


At this time of year we are usually busy preparing for our Community Apple Pressing Day and also contacting local businesses to ask for their support for our Christmas Prize Bingo. This has rapidly become established as a regular Bishop’s Castle Christmas event but sadly, due to Covid 19 restrictions around social distancing and the number of people allowed to gather together, we won’t be holding either of these fundraising events.    We would though like to say thank you for your support in previous years, and very much hope that we will be able to welcome you back to these events and others in 2021.
Despite this, the good news is that we have been successful with our grant applications and have achieved so far this year £29,500 from Calor, Pocket Parks, and the BA Carbon Reduction fund as well as £4,200 in crowd funding. 
Thank you, however you have supported these applications – whether by helping with bid writing, drawing up plans and artists impressions, volunteering to help on project delivery or making a donation. 
It is all very much appreciated!
Finally, we are, as always, extremely grateful to Town and Parish Councils for their donations.  These make a huge difference as unrestricted funds which allow us to invest in the Centre to enhance the facilities on offer.  This support is even more important as grant awards may well be harder to achieve in the post Covid 19 economic environment.



Attached are:

  • The Centre and Fitness Suite opening times, including Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • The Fitness Class timetable, for Mondays to Fridays
  • The Swimming Pool programme, including Saturday and Sunday mornings. Although these cannot currently include family sessions, we are assured that they will be a priority to introduce as soon as possible.  Separate procedures need to be implemented for group swimming in relation to government Covid guidance. 
    Very detailed Covid procedures for the Centre. These are not exciting, but it will make everyone’s life easier and safer if you look seriously at them before your first visit.

We are assured that the Centre will be open for telephone bookings on Thursday August 20 and Friday August 21, between 9am and 4pm.

We are also told that, to compensate for the closure, 5 months will be added to everyone’s membership. No DD payments will be taken until Thursday October 1. People whose membership has lapsed during the closure should contact SpArC to renew it. They, too, will not be charged until October 1.

Keeping Us All Safe at SpArC Bishops Castle Leisure Centre
Exercising in our facilities is going to look a bit different for a while and we’ve had to make some changes to your leisure centre. We invite you to read the following centre rules to better understand these changes before you visit us. As government guidance changes, we’ll make sure these are updated to keep you informed.

Use of the fitness suite and exercise classes will be via pre-booked slots only. You can pre-book your session by phoning the leisure centre directly on 01588 630243

Gym slots will initially be available to book 7 days in advance for a maximum of one hour per member per day. This period includes access time and a 5 min turnaround period at the end of the session. Session times for studio classes will be as per the booking to a maximum of 45 min to allow for changeover and cleaning.
Sessions maybe cancelled within 24 hrs of your session time. Failure to cancel your session will incur a did not attend record.  Any member not showing for 3 sessions in a single month period will have their booking rights withdrawn for a period of one week.


  • Please do not attend the centre if you or a family member are unwell.
  • You must pre-book your session to gain entry.
  • If you intend to train for less than 1hr we request you attend 5/10 min after the hour entry time to help reduce queue times.
  • Please do NOT congregate pre/post workout or turn up early for your session
  • Please sanitise/wash hands pre and post workout
  • Please bring a pre-filled water bottle with you
  • If you have an exercise mat and dumbbells, please bring them with you

Direction around the facility

  • We are using a one-way system. When you move through the facility please follow the yellow direction arrows to the Sports Hall, Fitness Suite or Swimming pool. You will leave through the fire exit sign posted in each area. Do not return through any of the fire exits.

        During your workout

All members must clean equipment with the sanitising wipes/spray before and after each use. However due to the high contact nature of the free weights areas we ask all members to sanitise/wash hands both before and after entering these areas and using each free weight.

  • No “spotting” whilst using free weights is permitted
  • All members and visitors must maintain social distance rules at all times and follow all instructional signage and requests from centre staff.
  • Please use the sanitising wipes/spray provided to wipe down equipment, please DO NOT bring a ‘sweat towel’ with you.
  • Please leave the gym/class promptly at the end of your session.

 Post workout

  • No access to changing facilities and showers is permitted unless stated otherwise.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands immediately after your workout
  • We ask that you please wash your workout kit after each visit

Use of the pool will be via booking slots only. You can pre-book your session by phoning the leisure centre directly on 01588 630243

Pool slots will initially be bookable 7 days in advance for a maximum of one hour per member per day, this includes access time and a 15 min turnaround period at the end of the session. A whistle will be blown at quarter to the hour and we ask that you leave the pool immediately

Sessions maybe cancelled within 24 hrs of your session time. Failure to cancel your session will incur a did not attend record.  Any member not showing for 3 sessions in a single month period will have their booking rights withdrawn for a period of one week.


  • Please do not attend the facility if you or a family member are unwell.
  • Ensure you have a pre-booked session to gain entry.
  • If you intend to swim for less than 45 minutes we request you attend 5/10 min after the hour entry time to help reduce queue times.
  • Please do NOT congregate with other customers pre/post swim or turn up too early for your session.
  • Please sanitise/ wash hands pre and post swim.
  • Please come ‘beach ready’ i.e. wearing your costume or swim shorts under your clothes. Changing rooms will not be available at your facility in our opening phase.
  • Please bring a bag to store your clothing and belongings which will remain on poolside as lockers will not be available.
  • Do not bring any valuables into the centre.
  • Please bring a towel to dry off and be prepared to go home in your swim wear and clothes over the top.
  • Bring a filled water bottle with you – some facilities may not have refreshments available.
  • Bottles can be left at the end of a lane for rehydration if needed.

During your swim
All members must ensure that you have read and understood the pool operation during this time.

  • All swimmers must always maintain social distance rules and follow all instructional signage and requests from poolside staff.
  • Only 6 swimmers will be allowed in a double lane.
  • You must swim in the same direction.
  • Please do not overtake the person in front of you and remain a good distance behind them.
  • Please choose the lane that suits your ability or preference.
  • If you need to stop at the end of a lane, please keep near a lane rope so you can avoid swimmers turning at the end of the lane.
  • Please do not have more than two people at the end of each lane who are resting and keep at least a 2 metre apart.
  • Please ensure you bring your own kick board or float as these will not be available for you at the centre.
  • Please keep front crawl leg kick under the surface to avoid splashing the person behind you – you may go faster too!
  • When the whistle blows at the end of your 45 minute swim session please leave the pool immediately by the designated steps. This will give you time to dry off and move away from the entrance before the next session begins on the hour.

 Post Swim

  • Showers will not be available in any area of the building so please plan to shower when you get home.
  • There are no changing rooms available, please dry off on the deck and if you have a modesty towel then please use this to towel off and re dress.
  • As you leave the facility please wash/sanitise your hands as you go.
  • Please follow the exit route that has been marked for you to enable a social distance between customers.



1st August
A group of Trustees visited SpArC at the start of this week, and were very pleasantly surprised at the amount of work that has been done over the lockdown. Corridors have been painted, floors repaired or replaced, and ventilation tested in the Sports Hall, Fitness Suite and pool.
PPE is in place, along with a one-way system which will take some getting used to, but which works because there are so many doors. Those of us who have missed the gallery since the entrance moved, will see it again! Shropshire Council’s plan is to open the Sports Hall (for classes with 17 places), the fitness suite (for 8 users) and the pool (for 14 swimmers.)
We congratulated Shropshire Council for the progress made and Peter Davis responded: ‘We are pleased to be able to show SPARC trustees around the centre and share with them the results of the incredibly hard work undertaken by the Centre manager and staff team to prepare for the re- opening of the centre, the date of which we hope to be able to confirm shortly.’

SpArC Theatre
There is currently even more uncertainty around arts venues reopening than there is around Leisure Centres. The SpArC theatre is working towards a plan for opening in October and hopes to have a gallery exhibition in September to coincide with or soon after the Leisure Centre opening. Meanwhile the theatre newsletters still give links to great theatre, film and arts experiences online. If you would like to go on the mailing list, please email.

We have been shortlisted to receive £5,000 from Calor for a café at SpArC.
The first stage took the form of Crowdfunding. With a target of £2,000, nearly £4,000 was collected – a brilliant achievement given that the Centre was in Covid closure, so it was really hard to get the message around. We were really grateful, particularly to those people who helped near the end.
Shortlisting was based on the number of supporters – 22 projects chosen from a total of 160. Judges will reveal the winners on August 19. 11 will receive £5,000 and 11 runners up £500.
Covid will inevitably cause some delays. Once the Centre re-opens, planning can start on creating a Pocket Park around it, funded by a grant also gained by the SpArC Charity. The café will follow.


Spin bikes arrive at SpArC

18 top-of-the-range brand new spin bikes were delivered to SpArC on Friday ready for when the leisure centre reopens – which everyone hopes will be soon. A photo of three of them is attached.
Purchased by the Save the SpArC charity in Bishop’s Castle from Tenth Avenue Leisure Ltd, the new Life Fitness IC2 Indoor Cycles with Consoles were delivered first thing Friday morning.  These new bikes will replace the 14 old ones and will help to enhance the experience and capacity of the popular spin classes.
Kevin Bavastock, Trustee and keen cyclist said “we are very pleased to have been in a position to fund the new bikes. Thanks as always have to go to our dedicated fundraisers and loyal community who have helped to raise funds or made donations for purchases such as this”
Peter Davis, Leisure Services Manager at Shropshire Council said “ we are very grateful to the Save the SpArC charity for their generous  purchase of these spin bikes.  They will certainly help to improve the sport and physical activity offer at SpArC”.


The Save the SpArC  charity has been shortlisted for a grant from the Calor Rural Community Fund.
The charity have applied for £7k to install a simple café at the centre.  Having got through the first stage of the application process we are now approaching the public vote stage which is where we hope you can all help.

Voting for the Save the SpArC charity in the Calor  Rural Community Fund  for a simple café at the centre is only a few days away.

Voting goes live on 4th June.  The more votes received the better the chance of securing a grant
When you click on the link below you will be asked to register as a guest and provide your name and email address in order to vote.

An additional 10 votes are awarded  to everyone who makes a donation.  If you are able to make a donation you can give the charity a head start on the leader board by voting and donating on day 1 or as soon as possible after the voting opens. 

However we know money is tight and getting tighter by the day for many people due to Covid 19 so we are not asking you to do this.  What we  really want is  your vote and those of your friends and family.  If you can ask 10 friends to vote and they do the same that would be fantastic 

Voting opens on 4 June and closes on 16 July.




Look out for this on facebook and in the community notices
and please tell all your friends
The Calor Rural Community Fund has confirmed that our bid to equip a simple café in SpArC has passed the first hurdle.
The next one is to gain as many votes as we can for the project from you, your friends and relatives, even if they have never visited or used SpArC!
It’s like the pool cover process and would have started on May 7th but has been postponed to the 4th June.
Please keep an eye out for news on how to vote nearer the time.
Additional votes are gathered through donations to crowdfunding, however we are very aware that money is becoming tighter by the minute, so we are after your support not your money and will be asking you to get 10 friends or more to vote too. 
Of course, if you are able to make a donation that would be very welcome too.



SpArC after Coronavirus?

You will not be surprised to know that, while Shropshire Council has taken back management of SpArC as from April 1, it is closed and will remain so for the foreseeable future due to Coronavirus. 
The council itself is under huge pressure to manage the current pandemic. The slight silver lining is that we have Pete Banford and Mathew Mead again to offer community support in South Shropshire.

The SpArC charity is delighted by the response to its request for new trustees and will respond to them as soon as is practical.
It has, however, postponed its gym equipment order partly because delivery needs to follow refurbishment and partly because we thought we might need the freedom to review our priorities in the light of how the world looks when the pandemic reduces. We have also cancelled the plant stall and film night fund raising events, but there may be a glimmer of hope for the Apple Pressing and a new ‘Spooky Saunter’ for Halloween.

Kate Evans will set up an informal plant stall in the layby outside her house;
St Cleopas, The Cabin, on the Mainstone road out of town. With plants and seedlings in the near future, with an honesty box for contributions. So if you are on your exercise constitutional you could stop and see if there’s anything you’d like.

Ironically, the charity has succeeded in getting another grant – this time £9,000 from the BA Carbon Reduction fund. It will of course be delayed but will be invaluable for the implementation of some energy-saving measures which will be needed even more after the crisis than before.

Our Save the Sparc Facebook page includes a number of Coronavirus updates reminding us all of the advice and guidance that the Government is issuing, as well as regular updates from SpArC Theatre.


We all need to maintain our fitness over the next few months. Dan has posted on his Facebook page a Senior Exercise Plan that has clear teaching points and pictures:
Lucy has put a 30-minute Exercise Pilates video on her Facebook page. (, accessible to friends.  

In addition, Sport England has launched 10 Today – a 10-minute exercise routine at 10am every day, accessible through BBC Sound. This is aimed at keeping older people healthy and active during the lockdown and is delivered by a 73-year-old instructor.

There is a wide range of aerobic and other sessions available online. If anyone has particular recommendations, we’d be really grateful to hear, so they can be passed on.


Many of us are also missing our usual entertainment. SpArC theatre ( is giving a wonderful update of free shows from the National Theatre, Royal Opera House, Pentabus, Hampstead Theatre, Into Film and others, with links to the detail.
The theatre, like the rest of Enterprise South West Shropshire, is losing income big-time. We all need to maintain our support for it, not least by waiving repayment of unused tickets if we are able to do so.

If you wish to provide additional support, we are still inviting supporters to become a Friend of the Theatre.  While Enterprise House is closed, please contact Graham Hemmings (

And has anyone tried Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus?

MARCH 20th

As you will likely be aware, Shropshire Council is taking over the management of SpArC Leisure Centre from Wednesday 1 April 2020.
Prior to this,
We will be closing all the leisure facilities from Monday 30 March to Sunday 5 April 2020 inclusive. 
This temporary closure is for essential IT and telephone infrastructure and other equipment to be installed.  This will help to ensure that operations at the Centre continue as normal and the ongoing service you receive is not affected.  The Leisure Centre will re-open on Monday 6 April 2020.

The temporary closure of the leisure facilities does not affect the theatre, which will remain open during this period.  The GCSE Drama examination will go ahead on March 30 and the theatre will be open for “Box of Frogs” on 4 April, with tickets available from the box office as usual. 

Arrangements with the schools affected have been made.

We appreciate that closure of the leisure facilities is not ideal, but there will be positive news to follow:

  • 16 spinning bikes in poor order will be replaced by 18 of the latest Kaiser bikes, which the SpArC Charity has invested in, using money collected from SpArC supporters
  • Children’s Easter holiday activities are being organised, and booking arrangements will shortly be clarified
  • The broadband will be upgraded to enable the new IT infrastructure to work effectively.

We will keep you aware of any further news and updates.
Our team are more than happy to answer any queries or concerns you may have.  You can either pop into the Leisure Centre before the planned temporary closure, call 01588 630243 or email


SpArC UPDATE February/March 2020

A lot of good news this month, plus three requests for help.

POCKET PARK BID – Working in partnership with Shropshire Council we are delighted to have been awarded £15k by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to enhance the wildlife area between the swimming pool and the theatre.  We have some exciting plans and will shortly be arranging a meeting to share these with you and to ask for volunteers willing to help. Further details will follow but in the meantime if anyone is interested in volunteering to help with  ground clearance, tree and shrub planting and landscaping on this exciting project please contact in the first instance Ruth Houghton on or 01588 638352.

Sport and Arts in the Community (SpArC) South West Shropshire is looking for three new trustees, as from 1.4.20.
Qualities we are looking for:
·  Knowledge and understanding of users: amateur sport, exercise, health, schools, theatre, swimming etc.
·  a range of skills/experience – health service, law, fund-raising, change management, HR, marketing/social media, community involvement and a reflective approach

We are seeking local representation from across South West Shropshire, including a variety of ages, experience and views. Every trustee is appointed for three years.
Meetings and commitment levels
We meet currently on the first Wednesday or Thursday of each month, from 5 – 7pm. Trustees are encouraged to contribute to specific aspects of our work in addition to these meetings.
Next steps
For details of the role and application process, please email the chair asap:

Friends of SpArC Theatre – 82 people are now supporting the Theatre as Friends. We would love to make it 100 before the end of March; can you help?  Anyone interested will find all the information they need, plus a form to set up a standing order, in the leaflet available from Enterprise House or the SpArC centre. 

Co-op You can still subscribe to the Theatre as a Co-op local cause. 1% of what you spend on Co-op goods will go to the Sparc Theatre until October 2020.


Windfall for SpArC to benefit local young people
The Trustees of the SpArC charity have recently received a significant windfall of nearly £17k from another charity called the “Christian Adventure Trust”, which decided to close and transfer its remaining funds to SpArC on the condition that the monies would be invested in the provision of opportunities for local young people to acquire skills, experience and qualifications in an educational or working environment.

Graham Hemmings, Trustee and Treasurer said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to receive this funding and to be able to use it for the benefit of our local young people. We hope that this in turn will enable our young people to contribute to a wider range and improved quality of services in the future for the benefit of everyone in the local community”
The Trustees of the Save the SpArC charity intend to work with local employers, schools and colleges to develop opportunities and will publicise funding opportunities later this year.
For information about the Save the SpArC campaign, see our website Or our facebook page savethesparc

Editor’s Note:
The Save the Sparc campaign has raised over £150k towards improving the leisure centre  which includes the award of a  community energy grant from M&S which has been used to install a new pool cover which is reducing running costs though reducing heat loss and water evaporation. 

*Anyone wishing to make a donation to the “Don’t let the SpArC go out” campaign or to find out more about it can do so on line at   Cheques can be sent to Enterprise House, Bishops Castle and should be made payable to “Sport & Art in the Community (SPARC) SW Shropshire”











Bishop’s Castle Leisure Survey
Sport and Arts in the Community (SpArC) Leisure Centre

Thank you to everyone who completed the SpArC questionnaire resulting from the public meeting in June. It produced a host of really helpful comments and suggestions that will be invaluable in planning.
Meanwhile, Shropshire Council needs a formal, on-line consultation process to make sure that all possible views are collected. So, even if you responded to the previous questionnaire, will you follow the link below to give your views,
by the end of October?
It would also be good if you could forward it to any other users you know, including visitors.

Many thanks,   SpArC Charity

The trustees of the Save The SpArC charity have recently raised with Teme Leisure a number of your comments and concerns which we hope will help to improve the service now and in the future.

While we are happy to continue doing this, however, we would also encourage you to send your own messages and comments using the Teme “Talk to us” card which can be found at SpArC reception.
If you would like us to raise any concerns on your behalf, or you want to share any of your comments or concerns with Trustees, please contact us via this page, send a message or email us at

Another big milestone for SpArC

The Council dropped a bombshell at a packed-out public meeting in Bishop’s Castle on Thursday 12 June. Mark Barrow, Executive Director of Place for Shropshire Council along with other senior council officers outlined the Council’s plans for the future of the SpArC centre:

  • The current operator has been served notice as from 31 March 2020.
  • The Centre will revert to being operated by Shropshire Council which already directly operates leisure centres at Much Wenlock, Idsall and Roman Road in Shrewsbury.
  • The jobs of all the staff at SpArC are guaranteed
  • The Council see SpArC as having the potential for significant development as a vibrant Centre supporting communities across SW Shropshire.

There were no further details, especially no financial plan, so much is still unknown. It is hoped that the business plan created by the SpArC charity will be of use in the undoubtedly complex process which will follow. However there was a most positive vibe throughout the meeting which bodes well for the future and the involvement of the local community in developing the centre.

The audience had the opportunity to ask questions of both Shropshire Council and the SpArC Trustees and did so with enthusiasm.

There was overwhelming support for the Theatre and the positive impact it has on the community with much praise for the accessible film screening held monthly.

We (the Council and the Charity) would really like to hear your views on how the Centre could develop in the future. A short questionnaire is available in the library, Town Hall and Enterprise House for returning by 24.6.19.
Please will you do this and share with any other clubs or groups that you know.

This is a vitally important meeting so PLEASE COME and tell all your friends and neighbours

The Plant Sale on the 4th of May raised £576!

Sport and Arts in the Community ( SpArC) SW Shropshire have a chance to win £1,000
The Save the SpArC campaign is asking for help to win £1,000 by encouraging people to nominate it for a chance to win £1,000 as part of specialist insurer Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards.
It’s quick and easy to nominate SpArC online. Nominations are open from Tuesday 23 April to Friday 17 May and you vote at  All it takes is a click on the movement for good awards orange logo on the web site, click on nominate now, add your details and include the SpArC charity number which is 1170997.
Winners will be drawn at random and the more times SpArC is nominated the more chance it has of being selected.
If successful, the money will be used to support both sport and leisure in Bishop’s Castle and the SpArC theatre which is based on the same site.
The Save the SpArC charity is encouraging everyone to use their social media channels to ask people to vote to give the charity the best possible chance of winning.
Jean Shirley, Chair of Trustees said: “the local community has been hugely supportive of SpArC and I hope that that this will continue by nominating SpARC for this funding. It is very quick to do and if successful it means that we can continue to support school holiday activities in both the theatre and the leisure centre”.

Mark Hews, group chief executive at Ecclesiastical, said: “Trusted by our customers for over 130 years, we are proud to protect the irreplaceable – charities, schools, churches, homes and communities – right across the UK and abroad. As a company whose purpose is to contribute to the greater good of society, charitable giving is at the heart of our business. Our Movement for Good awards will help charities change lives for the better and we know that for many charities, £1,000 can make a real difference.”

The next save the SpArC fundraising event is a plant stall on Saturday May 4th in Church Street Bishop’s Castle. Donations of plants are welcomed.


  • What have we done?
    Our Communities have come a very long way since April 2015 when Shropshire Council (SC) announced that all subsidies to the Leisure Sector would be withdrawn by April 2017
  • The SpArC Charity was established in January 2017.
  • It has raised a total of £150k including donations from business and private donors, local councils, community funds and fund-raising activities.
  • Trustees drew up a sustainable Business Plan for the Centre based on opportunities identified in the report which we and SC commissioned from Energize, a local Sport & Leisure consultancy
  • SpArC was awarded Tier 1 Leisure Hub status by SC in July 2017
  • A soft market test in March 2018 confirmed sufficient interest from contractors to justify a full tender process for the management of SpArC.
  • Work commenced on the full tender in July 2018 with three trustees working closely with SC. It was halted in September.

2. What do we want?
We want to put in place a strategy to maintain and develop SpArC – in five areas – for the benefit of all members of the communities it serves, in a cost-effective manner.

3. How far have we got?
Activity has been inevitably curtailed by delays from the council and Teme Leisure, but progress includes:

  • Leisure and Sport SpArC staff themselves have maximized access to classes, insofar as this was within their power. We persuaded Teme to hire modern spinning bikes, and SC to install a new pool dehumidifier and refurbish the changing rooms.
  • Theatre and Arts We have a very successful Theatre & Arts facility. Our current wish is to support its financing by promoting Theatre Friends.
  • Health and welfare SpArC staff have substantially increased GP referrals. This has led to a need for more gym space, equipment and low-impact classes – which is currently blocked.
  • Education 60 young people have gained qualifications which made possible school holiday activities in both leisure and arts. They have also prevented pool closures through lack of staff. The pool currently provides swimming sessions to some 950 local school pupils.
  • Community Liaison Although current operators have distanced themselves from the community, sufficient other providers are interested in tendering to run the Centre in partnership on a “not-for-profit” basis.

What happens next?
Sparc is a gem which we have managed to save from closure; we must now develop its full potential for the benefit of our community.

Last week we were informed of a plan to allow the tender process to re-commence.
We need to replace income from fund-raising with more regular committed sources of income, which include:

  • a local council funding initiative
  • the launch of a 500-membership monthly lottery
  • an appeal to targeted private donors
  • These will help to fill the gap left by subsidy reductions which are likely to be phased in over the first five years of the new contract.
    Finally, we will invest in match-funding grants to finance cost saving initiatives including renewable energy.

On Tuesday 26th February the SWS Historical and Archaeological Society, along with the SpArC charity, held a fundraising event at Bishop’s Castle Community College. The theme of the evening was the hoard of gold coins discovered in a piano gifted to the college by a local couple.
Over £3,400 was raised, which will help to meet the challenges ahead arising from the expected reduction in the SC subsidy to Sparc and the need to invest in a renewable energy solution for the Centre.

The evening was divided into two distinct parts. The first was the reading of the winning stories from a writing competition held by the college. Students had been challenged to write a short story to explain how the coins originally found their way into the piano. Each year group was awarded a winner, three of which were read by the authors or their English teacher, Nicci Midgley. All the stories were entertaining and of a very high standard. Congratulations to all the winners!

The photo is of all students commended for their creative writing skills. The front row is made up of the winners and highly commended from each year group, from left to right: Olivia Jones, Caitlin Impey, Milli Roddick, Jasmine Davies, Ruby Clarke, Charlie Maskrey, Eleri Gittins, Megan Wooldridge, Reuben Thorley (Headteacher)
After a brief interval, David Preshous introduced the guest speaker Peter Reavill, the Finds Liaison Officer for the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme. His job was to assist the Coroner in trying to establish the history of the piano and the coins and to identify the descendants of the original owners. The story of the investigation, which ranged far and wide, was fascinating. The gold coins could be dated but were common currency in the heyday of the British Empire. Part of the packaging gave clues as to when they might have been stashed. However, despite every effort to identify the owner of the piano at the time the coins were hidden, the team drew a blank. Early history of the piano’s provenance came from the makers, but between 1906 and 1983 the piano disappears from view. The case is still open.
To quote David Preshous: “This was in every way a memorable evening for Bishop’s Castle and its community, bringing together the exciting story of the Gold in the Piano, the students’ imaginative stories about how it all began, and an opportunity for us all to contribute to the future success of both the College and the SpArC Leisure Centre. The large audience and its enthusiasm and generosity reflected the community spirit which makes our town such a special place.”

The Save The SpArC campaign is not just about saving sports and leisure facilities in Bishop’s Castle. It also includes supporting the SpArC Theatre, which runs separately within the SpArC leisure Centre, ensuring that it remains a vital part of our local community.
The Theatre’s aim is to ensure accessible, sustainable and high-quality arts opportunities for South West Shropshire in the form of Live Music, Live Theatre, Films, Satellite Screenings, Workshops, and Art Exhibitions.
The Theatre is run by a Manager and volunteers and managed by Enterprise South West Shropshire (ESWS) which is a Social Enterprise running a range of services in the area including the local Library, Drop-in IT Centre and event equipment hire.
The Theatre has staged 120 events attended by over 5500 people in the last 12 months.


If you would like to support the Theatre you can do so by becoming a
Friend of SpArC Theatre.
Please visit the website to find out more or speak to someone at the box office at SpArC or Enterprise House 01588 630321/ 638038 ( £15 individual or £25 for joint annual membership)



SpArC charity reflects on achievements during 2018
The Trustees of the charity set up to save the SpArC leisure centre in Bishop’s Castle have recently reflected on their achievements during 2018.
These include:

  • the attendance of 58 young people on training courses to gain recognised qualifications, which made possible school holiday activities for both leisure and theatre during the Easter, Summer and Autumn breaks and which were supported by the purchase of specialist sports equipment.
  • Training for Trustees on their roles and responsibilities as Trustees of a newly established charity
  • just under £10k raised through local community fund-raising activities, in addition to financial and other support received from town and parish councils,
  • the installation of a new pool dehumidifier and refurbishment of the changing rooms made possible by significant funding of £100k from Shropshire Council, and hanging of tiles designed and made by the local community.In addition, the Charity continues to lobby Shropshire Council to further develop the Centre, given its tier 1 status, for a sustainable future. It supported a successful soft market testing exercise in February, with the expectation of a full tender programme for SpArC by 2019.

Looking back, 2018 has been a busy year but also very rewarding. We are particularly pleased with the school holiday activities and the opportunities that have been made available for young people to achieve qualifications. However, we have considerably more to do to ensure the Centre’s long-term growth and stability.
We are very grateful for the support we receive from the local community and would like to thank individuals, local businesses and town and parish councils for all their help. We would like to thank SpArC staff in particular for their commitment to the Centre and its customers.

The next fundraising event in aid of Save the SpArC campaign will be a talk: “The Treasure in the Piano” on 26th February at Bishop’s Castle Community College. 

Thanks to all of you we’ve won £1,000 from the Ecclesiastical ’12 Days of Giving’  campaign. What a great start to the New Year!

We could do with some new faces on the fundraising committee –
and new ideas for events, maybe from the outlying villages and communities????
What about from the younger SpArC members- the sports communities – the gym users?
We had a blast at the Christmas Bingo, organised by Sam Angell, it was really nice to see some of the younger faces there.
How about some more of Sam’s age group coming up with ideas – the committee will be only too pleased to help and support anything you might come up with!

Another Bake-off? A fancy dress strong man competition?

Nice pic of mistletoe on the SpArC counter which raised £33 for the cause and caused a good deal of kissing round the town over the festive season! Thanks Liz, Dandelion and Harriet Carty.

Here is a poster advertising a talk on the history behind the treasure trove that was found in the piano that was given to the school last year – it’s a fascinating tale – do come. All proceeds in aid of SpArC

So 2018 draws to a close amidst political lunacy all round. Lets hope there’s better world news next year!
Meanwhile SpArC survives and thrives; membership is up, we’ve raised money for youth training and acitivities, swimming instructors, lifeguards and  equipment for every sort of sports and had wonderful support from the whole community – Here’s to next year!

The SpArC Christmas Bingo was a huge success this year.
It was organised by Sam Angell, who did a great job, huge thanks to him and to the usual crew of helpers; Ruth Houghton, Jean Shirley, Hugh, Lou and Ben Prole, and Kate Evans.
The prizes were fantastic and another huge thank you to all those who donated them.We made an astonishing £1,158 on the night and everyone had a thoroughly good time!

The Save the SpArC Campaign was awarded £3,096 by the CO-OP at Bishop’s Castle at an instore celebration event on Saturday 24th November. This is a great result and thanks to the Co-op and all the Bishops Castle members who contributed to the fund.
Our stalwart young fundraiser Ben Prole and Jan, the Co-op store manager, presenting a cheque for £3,096.19 to Trustees Ryan Davies and Reuben Thorley and fundraiser Lou Prole

Sport and Arts in the Community (SpArC) Job Vacancy
The above charity which was set up to save the leisure centre and theatre in Bishop’s Castle recognises that continued fundraising is essential to support the SpArC centre.  The charity is therefore planning to launch a 500 club and is seeking a competent and organised administrator to manage the monthly draw.
The role will include collecting and recording the receipt of monthly payments which will mainly be made by bank standing orders, reconciliation of payments received, ensuring that all paid tickets are entered into each monthly draw, managing the distribution of prizes and preparing the annual licence return.
The successful applicant will need to be organised and able to use both word and excel computer programmes. A good standard of numeracy is essential

This post is not salaried, however an Honorarium of £1000 ( pro rata) will be paid per annum agreed at each AGM of the charity.
Interested applicants should send a written application setting out their skills and previous experience to SpArC Trustees, C/0 Enterprise House, Station Street, Bishop’s Castle SY9 5AQ.

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 12 October 2018. The interview date is to be arranged.

New Children’s Activity Equipment at SpArC
The Save the SpArC campaign and charity have recently purchased a selection of new equipment for use by children. Initially for use during the summer holidays the equipment will be available at SpArC for children’s activities and in the future available for hire.
The new equipment includes indoor footballs, a rounders development kit, a Unihoc set, Kwik cricket, bowls, dodgeballs and a rugby development kit
Jean Shirley, Chair of Trustees said “ We have been fortunate to receive funding through the Shropshire Star cash for communities programme and from the Co-Op specifically for school holiday activities so are very pleased to invest in this equipment for children to use at SpArC.”

For more information about holiday activities for young people and the school holiday swimming programme please see the Save the SpArC facebook page or call into the SpArC Centre and pick up a flyer.
The photograph shows   the “unihoc” hockey equipment being used by the holiday club on the outdoor allweather pitch at SpArC, under the supervision of two young men who recently trained as sports leaders. The outdoor pitch is also available to hire, details from SpArC reception.

Things have gone quiet in the last few months, because we have been updating our contacts to conform with the new data protection legislation. We now have a list of around 100 people who want to keep in touch with the campaign. In future, we are more likely to email, rather than Mailchimp, you.

1. Young Sports Leaders complete a 2-day course at SpArC.
We recently funded a level one course in Sports Leadership for potential young leaders from Bishops Castle Community College, local sports clubs and Teme Leisure. The 2-day course attracted 19 applicants who all completed the course.
We were delighted to respond to this request for training as local young people, many of whom are members of local football and cricket clubs, are our sports leaders of the future. Committing two days of their own time shows real enthusiasm to gain recognised sports qualifications. We hope this will help them in their future careers as well as providing extra capacity at SpArC.
We have First Aid training at level 2 on offer in the Autumn and also hope to follow up with a level 2 course in Sports Leadership. Applicants should contact SpArC reception, during normal opening hours to book a place. We are extremely grateful for this help in taking bookings, and hope that a valued and varied training offer will be something that we continue to commit to in the future, in recognition of the support given by our local community.

2. Anyone for play?
We have recently bought sports equipment for children’s use which includes:
Rugby and Rounders development kits
Bowls, Cricket and Unihoc sets
A Multicolour Activity Holdall
Indoor Tuftex footballs (10)
Molten Dodgeballs (6)
They are in use for the summer holiday programme in August. After that, we are very happy to loan them out, preferably for a charitable donation. We will let you know how in the autumn (when we have worked it out!)

  1. Thank you
    The Save the SpArC campaign continues to be well supported and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed in some way.  So far this year we have raised £219 from the Shropshire Star cash for communities competition, nearly £700 from the Co-op, over £400 from the plant stall, over £600 from the Mountain film evening, £400 from the “For a Song” event, £265 from Virtual RunnerUK and £253 from a raffle held at the Artists’ Open Studios weekend.  Thank you also to all the local businesses who kindly donate raffle prizes.
  2. Future events

  • SpArC is a Co-Op charity until November 2018 to support sport, art and leisure activities for children and young people during the holidays. If you haven’t already done so, please register your co-op card for SpArC so that 1% of your expenditure on co-op products will come our way.
  • We will have a stall at the Michaelmas fair, with a Grand Draw. We are selling draw booklets in advance – do please buy one at SpArC reception – as much as a gesture of solidarity as anything else. Donations of draw prizes are also welcome.
  • A Prize Bingo will be held at the end of the year – provisional date 30 November. Remember last year’s prizes? The date, venue and further details will be confirmed later.

In addition, BT mydonate is now live. Search for save our sparc or the charity number (1170997). It is very easy to use.

21st June 7pm
Next great fundraising evening will be the film ‘Mountain’ at SpArC on 21st June. Entry is free, with a donation to SpArC. T
There will be a variety of food available plus a plant stall outside and a raffle with some great prizes.  So, the film starts at 7 but come earlyand bring yer mates or meet up there, grab some great grub, see a great film and win a fantastic prize; or at least, take a beautiful plant home with you at the end of the evening.

Next fundraising meeting due on Monday 21st May – 6pm in the Three Tuns – please come and join us to offer any help and ideas you might have!

5th May 2018
Thank you to everyone who supported our plant sale on Saturday 5th May.
We had lots of plants donated to us including flowers, shrubs, herbs and vegetables which all proved popular with our many customers, so much so that we raised a massive £418.
A special thank you to Kate and Tim, for all their work in collecting and setting up the tables and then returning them afterwards.

For a Song
What a fabulous evening last Friday. Thanks to everyone who came along to support this event.
A massive thank you to Bishops Castle Primary School choir, The Men From Off and The Castle Voices for a great concert which raised £400 for the Save The SpArC campaign.The raffle also raised a further £98. Thank you to Bishop’s Castle Co-op, Churchstoke Co-op, Tuffins at Craven Arms, Carys Cakes of Clun, The National Trust at Powis Castle and Wyevale Garden Centre in Shrewsbury for the raffle prizes.
And finally a special thank you to Liz and the volunteers at Sparc Theatre
for organising it all and making it happen on the night .

Dan Lewis of Teme Leisure with SpArC charity trustees Kerry Brown, Heather Davies, Mandy Cooke and Geoff Grimes.
28 April 2018

Our Save the SpArC campaign and charity are  celebrating reaching their first £100k target.
Launched in March 2016, Save the SpArC campaign supporters have worked tirelessly to raise both awareness of the leisure centre and funding, and in 2 years, we have not only saved SpArC for at least the foreseeable future, we have raised the magnificent sum of One Hundred Thousand Pounds! (And had a lot of fun and put on some great events into the bargain!)
Jean Shirley, Chair of Trustees thanked everyone who helped reach this massive  goal.  “Without the hard work and support of local businesses, groups, volunteers and individuals in our communities as well as local Town and Parish Councils we would not have achieved this.   As we move forward with Shropshire Council in developing the Centre, we know we will need to maintain a regular income stream. We will roll out plans to raise additional regular funding locally to replace the significantly reduced funding available from Shropshire Council in the future.”
Trustee and Treasurer Graham Hemmings said; “This is a fantastic amount to have raised in just over 2 years and we are very grateful to everyone that has helped or contributed in whatever way.  We are working with local town and parish councils to secure regular revenue streams   as well as on encouraging  regular private donations, however large or small, which will attract gift aid thus increasing the value of the donation by 25%   Anyone interested in supporting the charity in this way can email or telephone 01588 638250.”
Ruth Houghton (secretary) added “The Save the SpArC campaign has not just been about raising funds some has been spent, For example, the charity has just offered a very successful Easter sports programme for children, using it as a model for a more ambitious summer programme which will introduce young children to a wide variety of sport, arts and leisure activities.
The Charity is also committed to increasing the skills of local young people by offering training for lifeguards, swimming instructors and sports leaders – which will also help to build more capacity at the Centre.  New Swimming pool lockers and a hairdryer have also been purchased”.

12 March 2018

Local artists support the re-opening of refurbished changing rooms

SpArC users and local community members who have attended Kate Evans’ tile painting workshops over the last few weeks will soon see their work on display at the SpArC centre in Bishop’s Castle.
Trustees of the Save the SpArC charity have an open evening planned for Friday 23rd March when the newly refurbished changing rooms will be officially re-opened, and the art work unveiled.
Kate Evans, ceramic artist and the driving force behind the tile project said: “The workshops have been enormous fun and have appealed to people of all ages and abilities, some lovely tile panels have been created and each one is quite unique. “
“It will be great to have them on permanent display at SpArC for everyone to enjoy”.
Kate also said; “not only have we produced some great work but the project also attracted some very generous sponsorship which we’re extremely grateful for. On behalf of everyone who took part, I want to say a huge thankyou to the donors.”
The open evening is on Friday 23rd March from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the changing rooms will be at 5.45pm and there will be a question and answer open forum at 6pm in the theatre.
Jean Shirley Chair of Trustees said: “this is an important milestone for SpArC as we have been campaigning hard for over 3 years for the changing rooms to be refurbished. There are also new lockers and a hairdryer, funded by the charity. Everyone is welcome to come along to see the end result, view all the fabulous tiles, and find out more about the work of the Save the SpArC charity, what we’ve achieved so far and our plans for the future.”

The pool will re-open for swimmers from Wednesday 14th and additional public swimming sessions will be available between 4pm & 6pm Monday to Thursday, up to the start of the Easter school holidays

News update about the Cash in the Community Campaign – They definitely aren’t doing the letters writing in for tokens this year, so to collect tokens, we’ll all have to beg, borrow or buy actual paper copies of the Star. If you get yours delivered, or buy it regularly, please collect all the tokens you can, from today until the end of the campaign. Then hand them in at SpArC or at Enterprise House and we’ll call for as many volunteers as we can to count them!


This feels like the first sunny day with a bit of real warmth in it so Happy Spring Everybody!

   We’ve been shortlisted again this year for the Shropshire Star Cash in the Community campaign.
This year, we are appealing for support in setting up a full-time holiday activity programme at SpArC for school-age children. We’re hoping to include all sorts of things, including sports, arts, drama, environmental – both indoors and out   Details have yet to be finalised but hopefully, it will be a full, fun and inspirational project and will be an ongoing programme.
So – I’m not certain yet about people writing letters to ask for tokens, as we did last year, but if anyone reading this gets  the Star regularly, start looking out for the tokens from the 1st of March and collect as many as you can and hand them in at SpArC, or at Enterprise House. Further updates about writing in will be posted asap.


Other news; the tile painting workshops are going well – we’ve done two already and two more will be held during the Arts Festival next weekend at the Public Hall, on Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm. £12 per person. Children under ten must be accompanied by an adult. There are a few places left on both days, so book in now with
Here is a small selection of the panels produced so far – there are lots more to come!

As we all know, the swimming pool is now closed until mid-March while the changing rooms are being repaired (Hooray – At Last!). The tiles were originally going to be put up in the changing rooms but Kate has been told this won’t be possible because of the nature of the ‘white-rock’ wall covering being used, so the finished panels will go up along the corridors and in whatever spaces Gwyneth will allow us! In fact, this means that everyone will get to see them, not just the swimmers, so it’s a better solution really.

Also – Kirsty Rowston from the Co-op will be promoting their support for SpArC and their other charities at the Town Hall over the Arts Festival weekend, so pop in and sign up to support our local good causes!


At the latest trustee meeting on 31 Jan,
Geoff Grimes and Kerry Brown were welcomed as new trustees and Jean was re-appointed as chair, but other formal posts have been left until the next meeting, due to Richard’s sickness action. All wished to pass their thanks to Karen Bavastock, who has resigned due to ill health, particularly for her work with Energize and her liaison with users, and to wish her better health for the future.

Following the meeting on Collaboration with parish councils with the aim for all  the regional feeder councils, including Welsh ones, to contribute to SpArC funding, there was a lot of positive feedback and ways of organising regular contributions are being explored.

Kate Evans’s tile workshops are now well underway, and some lovely work has already been done – photos will follow soon! There are still places on the 2 workshops at the Public Hall on Sat 24th and Sun 25th of Feb, as well as the last one on 10th March at the Eco building at the school. contact Kate for bookings.

Shropshire council has finally confirmed that the repairs to the swimming pool changing rooms at SpArC will begin on Monday the 19th Feb
and the pool will be closed for 3 weeks from then until 9th of March. The pool is scheduled to reopen on Monday 12th March.
The refurbishment involves additional work to the original plan, to combat saturated flooring and a faulty stop tap in the ladies changing area. While this extends the project, it will hopefully encompass the root causes of what has been a very long-standing problem.
The process involves major repairs to the changing rooms to bring them up to standard and should result in transformed changing facilities; Shropshire Council have committed  approximately £100k to refurbishment works at SpArC, the first stage of which was replacing the dehumidifier, which  was completed before Christmas.
SpArC charity is paying for new lockers for the changing rooms when they re-open.
Although we know that the loss of the pool will be a problem for many, the contractor has stressed that they will work closely with the Centre to disrupt services as little as possible.   Everyone involved in the works would like to thank customers at SpArC, and in particular the pool users, for their patience whilst this work is undertaken.
A Council spokesperson has apologised for the delay in completing the changing room works and endorsed the Council’s future commitment to SpArC as a Tier One leisure provider.
In the meantime, we are very pleased to announce that three new swimming instructors are ready to work and volunteer at SpArC in Bishop’s Castle after completing  their ASA level I Swimming Assistant qualification, which was funded by us.  This qualification increases the much-needed number of swimming qualified staff at SpArC and provides for additional swimming capacity.
Jean Shirley, Chair of Sparc Trustees says: “We are committed to offering sports training qualifications to local people, which not only improves their skills and knowledge but also builds additional capacity at SpArC.  One of the key roles of our charity is to raise the skill levels and employment prospects of the local workforce and volunteers, and we feel that this makes a positive start.

The photograph shows (left to right) Feryn Walmsley, George Emerson and Katie Appleby

Collaboration with parish councils – The aim is for all  the regional feeder councils, including Welsh ones, to contribute to SpArC funding. We need SpArC members and users to encourage their councils to vote for SpArC revenue funding, before January 24 when we will hold an open evening for all local parish councils.

Business plan and executive summary – We now have both. Anyone wishing for the summary can get it by emailing

Tile painting workshops to decorate the new changing rooms at the SpArC Swimming Pool.   The theme will be water/swimming/leisure. (surprise surprise!)
Workshops will be held at the Eco building at the Community College (to be confirmed)
on Saturday 27th Jan & Saturday 10th Feb from 2 – 5pm

There will be two further workshops at the Public Hall on Station St on 24th and 25th Feb, as part of the February Arts Festival, again from 2 – 5pm

 The final workshop will be held at the Eco building at the Community College on
10th March, from 2-5pm.
All workshops will cost £12 per person, which includes up to 6 tiles per person plus all tuition, materials and firing.
There is a minimum age of 10 years but younger participants can be included by arrangement if accompanied by an adult.
Places are limited so book early – all enquiries to Kate 01588638762 –
or use the contact us page on this website

Save the SpArC has been chosen as one of three local charities to be supported by Bishop’s Castle Co-op over the next  year.  If you shop at the Co-op,  please consider nominating SpArC to receive a contribution every time you shop and use your Co-op members card?
With Christmas shopping to be done, a few minutes of your time spent now applying for and registering a  Co-op card would mean that 1% of all your Christmas shopping spend would raise funds for SpArC.
You can apply for a Co-op card in-store and register to support SpArC online at

Training opportunities
The SpArC Charity has already begun to fund training for new lifeguards and is keen to support local people to achieve new sports-related skills and qualifications.  To kick this off anyone interested in becoming a football coach and delivering football coaching at SpArC is asked to register their interest in obtaining a coaching qualification by using the contact page on this website or by emailing
The SpArC Charity would also like to hear from any parents with youngsters who love football.  Football coaching for parents interested in supporting their children and other young people to play football may be available.

Sports massage on offer at SpArC
Sports massage and holistic therapy treatments are now available at SpArC on Wednesday  evenings.  Jenny Hudson, a fully  qualified Sports and Holistic Massage Therapist is offering massage and a range of holistic therapies including Swedish body massage; Indian Head massage; Ayurvedic Facial massage and  Reiki.
Jean Shirley, Chair of Trustees said “It’s great news to have this new service on offer at SpArC. We really hope it takes off and wish Jenny every success with her new venture.” Currently available by appointment only, this new offer is for SpArC members and visitors. Anyone interested in trying it should contact Jenny Hudson on 07868087981or visit her web site

New Spin Bikes for SpArC

Gym members try out the new Spin bikes

SpArC Charity trustees  are pleased to confirm that Teme Leisure have invested  over £20k in SpArC  through the purchase of 16 new Spin Bikes.
Trustee Kevin Bavastock, a keen cyclist, says “ this investment by Teme Leisure is warmly welcomed by the trustees and SpArC users. We very much hope this will be the start of a continuous program of investment to improve the facilities available”
Nick Cummins, Chair of Teme Leisure said: “We are committed to working with the new Trustees of the SpArC charity and the community in developing services in the centre. I am really pleased we have been able to invest in this new equipment to improve the classes on offer”.  Spin classes are available at SpArC on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

500 Club
We want to start a ‘500 Club’ lottery scheme to raise a regular income for the SpArC charity.  The idea is to recruit up to 500 people to pay a fixed sum of £2 a week (£8 a month) by direct debit or standing order, raising an annual revenue of approx £52000, of which, 1/2 would go to SpArC and 1/2 be paid out for prizes in the form of a monthly draw and a jackpot Christmas draw.  We may not get the full 500 to start with but can get going with just 200 – so if you are interested, please add you details on our contact page and we’ll give you more details and information. (we do not share any of this information with any other organisations)