Fundraising Committee Meetings for 2020

These are now being held at the Six Bells on Mondays at 6pm anyone and everyone is welcome;
If you have any ideas for fundraising events or activities, please bring them along and we’ll help make them happen!

Monday 3rd Feb ( event planning for 2020)
Monday 6th April in preparation for the plant stall on 2nd May . 
Monday  1st June  in preparation for film evening film evening on Thursday 11th June
Monday 3rd August ( tbc if needed)
Monday 7th September in preparation for Apple pressing day
Monday 5th October in prep for new Autumn event, to be announced
Monday 30th November in preparation for Bingo



We could do with some new faces on the fundraising committee –
and new ideas for events, maybe from the outlying villages and communities????
What about from the younger SpArC members- the sports communities – the gym users?
We had a blast at the Christmas Bingo, organised by Sam Angell, it was really nice to see some of the younger faces there as well as the old faithfuls.
How about some more of Sam’s age group coming up with ideas – the committee will be only too pleased to help and support anything you might come up with!


Monthly Committee Meeting Dates for 2018 – Three Tuns, Bishop’s Castle, 6.15pm
15th Jan – 19th Feb – 19th March – 16th April – 21st May – 18th June
16th July – 13th August – 17th Sept – 15th Oct – 19th Nov – 17th Dec

These may be subject to change but if so, we will announce new dates on the website and on Facebook.
Everyone is welcome – please come along and add your ideas and comments –
no obligation will be applied!