If you have comments – good or bad – on the re-opening of SpArC
would you give/email them to one of the following trustees, please:

3-year appointments, maximum 12

Trustee Duration
Kevin Bavastock April 2023
Rachel Buchanan Oct 2023
Mandy Cooke April 2023
Ryan Davies Apr 2023
Graham Hemmings Apr 2023
Ruth Houghton Mar 2023
Heather Kidd Apr 2023
Nicola Pugh Sept 2023
Sandra Reynolds Sept 2023
Jean Shirley Jan 2024
Reuben Thorley Sep 2024

Our new charity, Sport and Arts in the Community ( SpArC) South West Shropshire 1170997 (yes it is a bit of a mouthful!) is now officially registered and trustees, who are all volunteers, have been appointed. Jean Shirley and Richard Whately,  worked tirelessly (see welcome page) to set this up, were part of the group of trustees sharing the skills  needed to represent theatre and leisure users across SW Shropshire.

Richard said; “As a small  community, we have shown just how much we can achieve in a short time, by working together to raise over £80k and winning the M&S competition for a new pool cover. The new charity pulls all of this together and is a really positive next step for us.”

If you feel you can make a contribution to the future of SpArC in any way, please contact us. We are particularly in need of more fundraising committee volunteers and help with IT on this website and on our Facebook page.